Ron, if you are running a chronological report listing for a unit for a month in GADS NxL, you will get different output from our program if you have events that are coming into or going out of the month. I realize that this is a result of how the logic was written, but I am wondering if anything could be done about it. I have attached a couple of reports for example. If you run a report for a unit for a month (October 2010 for Johnsonville 10), you get significantly different outputs. Our program output for the month shows only the mwhl that occurs in the month, not what occurs for the whole event if it comes into or goes out of the month. This unit had an event that had been ongoing for months.


rfluegge wrote May 17, 2011 at 3:40 PM

A new chronological report listing will be added to the calculated events reports as well.

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