GADS Open Source assumes the user has a basic knowledge of the NERC GADS and, as appropriate, of the additional data reporting requirements of the various ISOs that also require GADS data to be reported.

Three types of data are reported in GADS: event, performance, and design data.
  1. Event data are reported in the Event Report (07) format
  2. Performance data in the Performance Report (05) format.
  3. Design data, detailed in Section V of the NERC GADS Data Reporting Instructions (DRI), must be completed before submitting event and performance data to NERC.

Event and performance data formats are described in detail in Sections III and IV of the DRI.

There may be additional requirements for reporting design data to the various ISOs.

Specific additional GADS reporting requirements for the ISOs are identified in the detail sections of this documentation. You must decide if this data applies to the generating unit being reported.

Generally, references to “GADS” refer to the definitions, terms and requirements provided in the NERC GADS DRI, since all the ISOs have adopted the NERC GADS DRI as part of their reporting requirements.

However, be aware that in some cases there are specific differences related to the way events and performance data are reported. For example, events resulting from equipment failures or other causes “external” to the generating unit, can be reported significantly different between NERC and the various ISOs (e.g., U1 vs RS). Also, procedures for determining performance data such as Maximum Capacities can be different between the two organizations as well.

The GADS Open Source software will allow you to enter it either way, but it is your responsibility to determine which way to report the GADS data for your generating unit considering all the factors that govern your reporting requirements.

We will be happy to discuss these issues with you at any time.

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